Pre-colonial Philippines and pride

Our ancestors in the Philippine islands lived in societies that valued gender equality and inclusivity.

Unfortunately, the Spanish colonizers arrived, bringing with them their stupid European ideas of binary sexuality and the hypocritical Abrahamic religion, Christianity.

Every variant of the Christian virus is deadly, but the Roman Catholic one is among the most frightening for coddling child molesting priests, tolerating corruption, and launching inquisitions.

The ballad of Scott and Jean

Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Cyclops and Phoenix (formerly Marvel Girl). My favorite comic book couple, narrowly edging Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

I know, I know, Scott and Jean have a very convoluted and dysfunctional relationship — and that’s an understatement. But I’m still not over their early years and “The Dark Phoenix Saga”.

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It’s still Netflix for me

Image credit: Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash
Image credit: Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription?

Netflix is still the streaming platform that I consider a must-have. Some pundits were saying back then that Netflix was toast because content providers were going to pull out their catalogues to set up their own streaming services. But Netflix proved the doomsayers wrong by focusing on developing original content.

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