It’s still Netflix for me

Image credit: Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash
Image credit: Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

Is there anyone who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription?

Netflix is still the streaming platform that I consider a must-have. Some pundits were saying back then that Netflix was toast because content providers were going to pull out their catalogues to set up their own streaming services. But Netflix proved the doomsayers wrong by focusing on developing original content.

Platform of choice

It’s become the platform for content creators who never thought they could bring their vision to life. We keep hearing this time and again, whether in South Korea, India, or other countries.

Netflix has made “TRESE” and “The Sandman” possible, when for years most people thought they couldn’t be adapted.

As for my No. 2 streaming platform, it’s Disney+ because I’ve been a Marvel fanboy since I was a kid. The MCU is the killer app for Disney+ for me, not Star Wars, and not even Disney and Pixar.

The other platforms are nice to have, but they’re the first ones to go if I need to save money.

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