The ballad of Scott and Jean

Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Cyclops and Phoenix (formerly Marvel Girl). My favorite comic book couple, narrowly edging Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

I know, I know, Scott and Jean have a very convoluted and dysfunctional relationship — and that’s an understatement. But I’m still not over their early years and “The Dark Phoenix Saga”.

Summers Family Tree

This video is a pretty good attempt to explain the very complicated Summers Family Tree. Though it’s annoying that it treats Rachel Summers as an afterthought.

And I actually liked Madelyne Pryor and hated what they did to her character when Marvel decided to resurrect Jean.

I’m still hoping that sometime in the future, the MCU will finally bring a proper “The Dark Phoenix Saga” to the big screen.

You know, with the Hellfire Club, Shi’ar, Imperial Guard, and all that.

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