When Catholics were the Galactic Empire

The Thirty Years’ War, which raged from 1618-1648, was one of the most devastating conflicts in European history, resulting in the deaths of approximately eight million people. It started out primarily as a religious war, with the Catholics attempting to put an end to the Protestant Reformation. In Star Wars terms, the Roman Catholic ChurchContinue reading “When Catholics were the Galactic Empire”

My sister and ‘Tahan Na, Tahanan’

In 2011, my younger sister Maria Isabel Alarilla-Arellano (Maribel) won in The Center for Art, New Ventures & Sustainable Development’s (CANVAS) Romeo Forbes Children’s Story Writing Competition. CANVAS launched her book “Tahan Na, Tahanan”, which was illustrated by the late multi-awarded artist Don M. Salubayba, on Sept. 30 at the Ayala Museum.

Manananggal on PBS Digital Studios program ‘Monstrum’

One of the most bizarre monsters in Philippine folklore is the manananggal, which was featured in an episode of “Monstrum”.

Matane: See you again, Hana Kimura

A year ago today, Hana Kimura died of suicide, a victim of cyberbullying. She was 22.

When mythology was religion

We tend to forget that mythology was once religion, and that people used to worship the Greek gods.

Why minimalism is meaningful to me

It was in 2011 that I started to embrace minimalism, thanks to a friend of mine since high school, Marianito Rodrigo.

Jollibee in Hugo Award-winning sci-fi novelette?

Did you know that Jollibee was mentioned in a Hugo Award-winning science fiction novelette? Twice, actually.

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